Zero no Tsukaima 03

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Saito is once again forced to do Louise’s laundry, however his anger dissapates slightly when he rememebers how Siesta told him that Louise spent a large sum of money on him to ensure his recover. He even tries to thank her later, however she tells him that he was mistaken, that it was natural for a master to take care of their servant. Later that day he finds the origin of Louise “the zero’s” nickname. He then proceeds to make a song about it, which ends up pissing Louise off to the point that she denies him food. Later that night Saito does his best to kiss up to Louise to get his meals back and eventually she gives in after an especially pathetic display on his part. However he quickly ruins this opportunity by commenting on her cup size, well more like lack thereof, which not only causes him to lose meal rights once again, but also he has to sleep out in the cold hall.

However his exile in the hall did not last long,as he soon raninto Siesta who took him to the kitchen and fed him. He seems to have become a hero to the commoner for defeating Guiche in that duel. However on his way back from the kitchen he was picked up by Kirche’s familiar and he was dragged back to her room. Once in Kirche’s room Saito is rather suprised by the scantly clad Kirche that was waiting for him. After a bit of conversation Kirche proceeds to make her move on Saito. However whenever Kirche gets close enough to kiss him they’re interrupted by one of her many… uhhh… clients. This goes one for a while until Louise bursts into the room and drags Saito away.

Back in Louise’s room Saito tries to explain the situation to Louise, however she seems to not be in the mood to listen, and she brings out a horse crop and begins to beat him. However Saito eventually stops her forcefully and tells her what happened. This causes her to calm down and she allows him to sleep indoors, saying that she did not want Kirche to get her hands on him again.

The next morning Lousie takes Saito out to buy him a blade to protect himself, however she was short on funds and thus could only afford a rather cheap blade. When the get back to Louise’s room Kirche later bursts in with the more expensive blade that Saito had his eye on. The two girls argue for a bit and then demand that Saito choose between the blades. However a rude voice tells them both to shut up, everyone is suprised for a moment until it was revealed that is was the sword that spoke. Saito then proceeds to pick said blade.

My Take:

Hahahaha, I’m not sure if I’m jealous of Saito or if I pity him. Chances are it’s the former but nya. And huzzah for rude inatimate objects! Well we get to see a bit more of Nagato Tabitha this episode, but not nearly enough! Yes I suppose I could have some sort of joke here about Kirche and breasts… but that’s just way too easy. So… until next time.

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