Zero no Tsukaima 02

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Saito is still rather reluctant to the idea of being Louise’s framiliar, especially the thought of doing her laundry. But he still does it grudingly. The next morning Louise takes Saito to the main hall for breakfast, he is shocked by the variety of food availible. However as he sits down at the table he recieves a glare from Louise who tells him to sit down on the floor and give him a peice of stale bread. Saito is rather indignant, but eats the bread anyway.

Later that day, all the second years are out in the courtyard with their familiars. Saito wanders away form Louise once again and gets scared by one of the familairs, that bug bear from last episode, and ends up running into a servant who was carrying food, causing her to drop the food. He helps her pick up the food and they trade inroductions, he name is Siesta and she is commoner like Saito. Commoner meaning she cannot use magic. It turns out that the piece of pie that had fallen on the ground was meant for Guiche. Siesta was going to take it back to get another one, however Saito insisted that he would bring it to Guiche. When he arrives at Guiche’s table he sees him flirting with a second year, but using the same line that he did on a first year girl that Saito saw him with last night. So, before Guiche could finish his line Saito said it in his place, and mentions the fact that he saw him with another girl last night. This causes a fairly large commotion especially when the first year girl from the other night shows up. In the end guiche gets slapped by both of them. In an effort to redeem himself Guiche challenges Saito to a duel later that day. Saito accepts the challenge, even though Louise tells him not to.

At the duel, Guiche summons a metal Valkyrie which proceeds to beat the stuffing out of Saito. This goes on for a while until Guiche summons up a sword for Saito to use, the only reason for this being that if Saito was actually armed Guiche wouldn’t have to hold back. However when Saito picks up the sword, the rune on the back of his hand begins to glow and he runs over to the Valkyrie quickly cutting it down. Guiche then summons three more and Saito makes short work of them as well, and then charges Guiche causing him to fall to the ground and surrender. After the duel is over Louise rushes over to Saito and he falls to the ground. He ends up taking Louise down with him and she seems worried, however he begins to snore and she seems relieved.

Saito wakes up later in Louise’s bed, covered in bandages. Siesta walks in shortly after he wakes up and gives him some food. She tells him that Louise had been caring for him for the past few days, never sleeping.

My Take:

I’m really liking this series so far. And it seems that Saito isn’t going to be one of those wimpy protaganists, he can actually fight, Huzzah! Well, we meat the ever necessary maid of the series, Siesta, and I have to say that I like her, even if her personality doesn’t seem exactly unique so far. But hey, there’s still plenty of time to flesh out her character, and I have no doubt that they will. Hmmm, bit behind in blogging this series, I’ll do my best to get the other episode up today as well, and perhaps I’ll get some screencaps for that one… well once I get this whole screencapping process down.

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