Zero no Tsukaima 01

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The episode opens with a group of young wizard students in their alchemy class. The teacher proceeds to show them how to transform rocks of some sort into what at first glance appears to be gold. Which causes an exceedingly busty girl to question if it was, but it turns out to be brass. The girl promptly looses her temporary interest. The teacher then calls up a Louise, ignoring the warnings from the other students. However Louise proceeds to not only fail in transmuting the metal but also manages to cause a massive explosion. No one was harmed during the explosion, but Louise is teased by her classmates for messing up once again, affirming her nickname of Louise the Zero, the zero meaning zero success rate as explained by one of the students.

Later that day, Louise meets some of her classmates in the hall. Kirche, the large busted girl from before, teases Louise about the destruction she caused earlier, saying she wonders how she’ll mess up the familiar summoning the next day. A familiar is a sort of magical servant that helps wizards. Louise becomes indignant and states that she’ll summon the best familiar Kirche’s ever seen. Kirche laughs her off though, saying that she can’t wait to see this grand familiar.

The next day the students meet in the courtyard for the familiar summoning ceremony. The first boy we see summoning (he doesn’t seem very important to the story but… nyeh the thing he summons is cool) summons up an odd thing that looks like a mix between a Zubat and Suezo. Next up is the pretty boy Guiche, after what seemed to be an endless amount of needless babble he summons the ‘great’ creature. However, much to his chagrin, it’s a giant mole. Next the large breasted Kirche summons a giant salamander, but we don’t actually see the summoning process, since the camera is focused on poor Guiche. And finally it is Louise’s turn, she calls for the a grand and holy familiar and… once again there’s an explosion. However this time the spell actually worked… in a way. She summoned a normal human boy, a commoner as they called him. Yuji… er I mean the boy is very disoriented by his sudden relocation. It turns out that he is unable to understand the residents of this world, so that also adds to his confusion. Louise, disappointed that he must become her familiar, asks the proctor if there was some way to get a re-do, but he says no and so she must form a pact with her familiar. However, while Louise and the proctor were speaking the boy tried to escape. However, he did not get far, as he ended up falling. Louise then walks over to the fallen boy and tries to tell him how lucky he is for getting a kiss form a noble, however he still doesn’t understand her. So he is rather surprised when he is kissed. His surprise is quickly replaced by pain as the runes that symbolize the servitude of a familiar appear on his hand, and he passes out.

He wakes up later in Louise’s room. He now believes that he’s been captured by some sort of crazy cult or by some extreme role players. And he proceeds to go slightly crazy, talking to himself, and generally making a lot of noise. So, in an effort to shut him up, Louise tries to cast a silencing spell, but, of course, it fails. However it does allow the boy to understand the language of this world. He introduces himself as Hiraga Saito and proceeds to ask her a series of questions, and she ends up going off on a tangent. He takes advantage of her distraction and tries to make his escape. However she notices not too long afterwards and chases after him. He passes Guise in the hall as he is flirting with some first year, and later he passes Kirche in the entrance hall. However just as he gets to the courtyard he is caught in a levitation spell, which turns out to have been cast by Guise, as he had come to assist Louise in recapturing her familiar. As Saito is struggling in the air, he finally notices the sky, which has two moons. It’s at this point that he realizes that he is no longer on earth.

My Take

I really like this series. I like the fact that Shana and Yuji are back, granted under the aliases of Louise and Saito, but it’s still them =P. I like the character designs. I like the familiars. I like the dysfunctional relationship between Louise and Saito. I like the animation for the ed. I like it all. I can’t wait for the next episode to be subbed.


The opening animation for this series is pretty good. I like the song and the animation that goes along with it is the usual fair, but that’s not bad. As for the ed, I don’t care for the song so much, but… I just love the storybook cut outs animation style.

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