Tsuyokiss 01

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In the beginning of the episode we’re introduced to Konoe Sunao, who is having a dream about being in what appears to be a fantasy play. However the curtain falls when she gets to the climax and her alarm wakes her up. After she has woken up he sister calls out to remind her not to be late to school. As she gets ready for school it’s revealed that their parents are not home often their father being some sort of police officer and their mother a famous actor. And then there was the obligatory fanservice through the towel drop(noo… I didn’t expect that one at all).

Anyway, after she arrives at school we are introduced to several more stereotypes… er I mean characters. The overly bossy disciplinary girl, Kurogane Otome. The obnoxiously loud girl, Kanisawa Kinu. And the level headed Yashi Nagomi. Anyway as she rides up she witnesses Otome yelling at a boy for his hair being overly disheveled and Kinu and Nagomi arguing with each other. Sunao tries to stop their argument at which point they tell her to but out. They are interrupted by the arrival of the ’school princess’ Kiriya Erika *cough* Eri *cough*. Which causes a massive crowd of boys to crowd the area. After the bell rings and everyone leaves for class, Sunao introduces herself to the class, her theatrical introduction causes no reaction from the class, well aside from shock perhaps, well aside from one girl who took a picture. After taking her seat Sunao asks the girl next to her where the drama room is, the girl tells her that there isn’t one. So Sunao goes off to go to the student board to request to form one. On the way to visit the student board she meets Samesuga Shinichi, The Shark as he prefers to be called. Who promptly scans Sunao’s body giving her good rating in all areas except for her breasts, about which he said “work harder”. He then tries to ask her out… and is promptly rejected. Samesuga’s friend then points Sunao towards the student board room, which he called “The Ryuuguu”.

The scene then skips to said building where Kiriya is forcefully making a move on one of the female student board members, who’s only name so far is Yoppi. Sunao interrupts Kiriya’s advancement when she comes in. Sunao unphased by the position the two girls were in when she walked in, asked for permission to form a drama club. Kiriya agreed to validate the club only if Sunao could entertain her with a theatrical performance. However the catch was that she had to perform it after school that day. Sunao agrees to the terms of the contract and goes to her classroom. The play she chooses is Romeo and Juliet and she is seen studying it in class.

After school Sunao heads to the theater and finds that Kiriya has the theater fully outfitted for the production, set, costumes and all. As Sunao waits for the curtain to rise she battles stage fright, remembering back to a theatrical production she did as a child where she had the same problem, but was helped by the encouragement of the young boy. However after the production the boy called her a Daikon(A Daikon is a type of vegetable thing that’s rather common in Japan, but it can also be used to refer to someone as a bad actor, I initially thought that he was calling her a bad actor, yet others have said he was referring to her hair, which makes it a misunderstanding drama thing). Well anyway, she took offense at that comment, but it provided her with the motivation to become a better actor. And back in present time she has used said motivation to get rid of her stage fright. The curtain rises and the play goes on well, Sunao playing the roles of both Romeo and Juliet. That is until Tsushima Leo walks in with papers to give to Kiriya, Sunao notices him entering and suddenly remember he’s the boy from that called her a ‘daikon’. When she notices him however he movement causes the set to fall, Tsushima rushes over to catch her before she hits the ground. After the dust cleared Sunao asks Tsushima if he remembers her, he pauses for a moment then remembers and calls her the ‘Daikon’. She gets angry and slaps him with tears in her eyes. After Tsushima leaves Kiriya comes to Sunao and tells her that she has rejected the proposition for the drama club, and that Sunao has to clean up the mess causes by the set falling apart. Sunao is then left alone to clean up the set that is, until Asada Shizuka comes up to her, telling her that she has become her biggest fan. At that point Sunao breaks down crying and hugs Asada. Asada then asks her what Daikon means at which point Sunao gets angry.

Over at the Ryuuguu Tsushima is still wondering why Sunao slapped him; Kanisawa then bursts in telling Tsushima that he will be walking her home and buying her food. She then proceeds to get into an argument with Yashi.

My Take!
Pretty decent start for a new series. I really didn’t care for the opener though, the singer’s voice was rather cloying and the song was itself was forgettable. I suppose the episode itself was pretty good. Even though the ‘two girls with parents who are never around’ thing is kind of cliché. Well I guess it’s safe to assume that this show will be rather fanservice laden, but that makes sense I suppose since it’s coming form a dating sim and all. But then again so did Air, but that was from Key…. it’s different. Anyway, Sunao seems to be a likeable character and the other characters seem to be pretty diverse. Except for the club leader, who I fear will fall into the semi-evil bisexual vixen slot, well unless they pull one of those ‘bad childhood’ or ‘neglectful parents’ cliches, neither option is exactly appealing to me but, perhaps they’ll surprise me. Now then, as with any harem series I must pick my favorite female lead. And this series pick is…Yashi Nagomi!

Winner! She kinda reminds me of Motoko… but not really

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