Bartender 01

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Wow, I have to say I never thought the day would come when I would blog this series… But it seems that for once, boredom has led me to find something… very interesting. Now, this series is a change for me, it’s not a heart wrenching romance, nor is it a pulse pounding action series. It’s an exercise in aesthetics with a warm and simple story at it’s core.

Now one of the first things you would notice about the series is the animation, while the character designs are slightly iffy at times, although they remind me of a slightly smoother Big O, which is a good thing. It’s most noticeable feature, however, is its use of imagery to add to the overall feel of the scene. While people are in Eden Hall the colors become warm and the edges of the screen fade out into black creating a focus on the bar and people itself thusly making it appear warmer in contrast. A contrast to this can be found in the bar created for the hotel. It containing mainly empty white space, creating a somewhat void and desolate feeling. Well perhaps I’ve just spent a little too much time thinking about this… moving on

The story for this episode is relatively simple; a man is placed in charge of making a bar for a prominent hotel company, however he has an intense hatred for bars, and it shows in his proposed designs. This leads him to have issues with his workers and his boss. One night as he wanders the street in frustration eventually coming across the bar Eden Hall. Once inside he decides to challenge the bartender by asking him to make his specialty, allowing him to figure out the personality and talent of the tender. The tender makes him a relatively simple drink however, he breaks the ice sculpture of Edenhall to do so. It’s the ice that allows the drink to keep it’s flavor while not being diluted too much. The man is touched by the gesture and finally realizes that bars are not as bad as what he had thought, and proceeds to make a proper plan for the hotel bar.

Now my summary doesn’t really due the story justice, since as simple as it is, it has a certain atmosphere that I really can’t recreate… and I kinda glazed over some big portions >_> me no likely summaries… So yeah, I’m not sure if this series will hold my interest, and it doesn’t seem to be very popular among my fellow anime bloggers but… I’ll keep watching

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