Kanon 04

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Many years ago in a far and distant universe our young hero Yuuichi conforted a sad maiden, Ayu. She was in tears and he comforted by starting her up on a lifelong addiction, Taiyaki. So this is how it started a little innocent snack, some comfort food, but soon she was hooked. She can’t go a on long without a Taiyaki fix, Yuuichi you ass, you’re to blame! But, I digress, it seems that Yuuichi is once again dreaming of his past, why is it that crucial memories can only be revealed through dreams? Well I guess it wouldn’t seem all that important if he had a groundbreaking revelation while eating a peice of toast, then again, with Akiko’s jam… anything could happen. So anyway, Yuuichi is awoken just in time to foil another of Motoko’s attemps at revenge. You would think she would come to her senses and give up at this point in time, since none of her plans have worked, and most, in fact, have backfired. This time included, eh, I have no idea what Konnyaku tastes like, although I’ve read it’s kinda like seaweed… which I haven’t eaten either, but I’m sure it’s not that great guessing by her expression. The next day, Kyon volunteers to take Naiyuki her lunch for Akiko. And then we’re presented with some nice screens of Naiyuki in her gyms shorts. After watching her for a while Yuuichi takes his leave and runs into Kaori while exiting the school. They talk for a bit and Kaori meantins that she doesn’t want to be at home, you think this is hinting at something deeper? Perhaps Kaori is actually and alie… ANYWAY, we also find out that Naiyuki’s sleeping disorder, that such a serious way to put something that seems so cute, is something that she was born with, at least that’s what Kaori says… >_>. On the way home from school, Yuuichi runs into Akiko and she persuades him to carry a bag of rice for him. Not long after that they run into Ayu, and, for once, Ayu does not run into Yuuichi. She does trip, and thusly the moe continuim is restored. Yuuichi introduces Ayu, Tsukimiya Ayu, to Akiko, hah like she’s going to get a full name treatment anytime soon. And *gasp* Akiko suddenly remembers something!? Could this later turn out to be vital plot fodder!? No way… Well, Ayu decides to go home with them to help Yuuichi unpack, because nothing says fun like mannual labor! The group gets home and Motoko and Ayu have a coke party er, share some Taiyaki. After the two of them… bond, they get to work on helping Yuuichi unpack. Hmm… if he can make them do mannual labor this easily… perhaps he should make some sort of bussiness out of it, “Yuuichi’s Loli Labor Force” seems to have a nice ring to it. After they’re done unpacking Ayu and Yuuichi head downstairs, Motoko declined saying that she was tired from the unpacking. Yuuichi asks Ayu if she had found the thing she was looking for yet, but she said that she was unable to. As evening approaches Ayu heads home, Motoko doesn’t see her off at the door but waves to her from the window. Late that night Naiyuki asks Kyon for her notebook, only to find that Kyon the deadbeat left it at school. Initially Kyon refuses but eventually falls to the power of moe and heads off to school. Am I the only one bothered by how easily he gets into the school? I mean it’s not like it’s an outdoor school only surrounded by a fence or something, it’s fully indoor. Perhaps there’s a reason he needed to leave his last town… the police were becoming a tad too nosey… nah. Once inside the school Yuuichi runs into Mai… with a sword. Let’s all say it together “OMG obligatory sword girl! Squeeeeee!”.

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