Kanon 02

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Okay, I officially renounce my slight dissapointment in this series. Perhaps it’s because there is more character development, well more like character introductions, in this episode. Or perhaps it’s because of kyo… er… mya…. er… Yuuichi’s sarcastic wit. Well anyway, on to the actual episode. Uh, what the heck is in that jam? Guessing from what it did to Kyon, perhaps she got the recepie from some friends in the sixties… But I digress, yeah there are Suzumiya references, pretty quaint I suppose. And uhhh… well I guess I could write more about the actual episode, but, now that more girls have been introduced I find it necessary to do a bit of ranking and comparisons(it sounds so refined when you say it that way, although I guess you could call it… uhh… I’ll come up with a cool name later).


Okay, she’s not really my favourite character but… that backpack. She has led me on a several month hunt to find one bloody winged backpack. I never did find one… but I digress. Well everyone knows that she’s going to be the chosen one at the end of this anime, well unless I have my way and he ends up with a Shiori/Nayuki harem.


Cousin love eh? Well I guess Mahoraba prepared me for this, yeah I’m looking at you Shiratori >_>. Well I can’t say that she doesn’t have my support…


Yes! My favourite girl. I suppose it could be due to my preference of the quite girls over the noisy ones *cough* Nagato forever *cough*. Well that and she’s my best character in Eternal Fighter Zero.


Uhh… the hyper adn overly violent cat girl? I find her to be slightly annoying. She has her cute moments but… maybe she’ll grow on me as the series continues.


Nothing really to be said here. She reminds me of Nagato, we’re done here.

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