Bleach 01 Dubbed!

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Well the first episode of Bleach aired on Adult Swim tonight and I figure I should give a breif opinion on it. No summary though. Now on to the most important factor in a dubbed series… The Voices! Ichigo is voiced rather well, the voice fits him pretty well I suppose. Much better than I thought it’d be. Although whenever he speaks I can’t help but think of Vash =P. Initially, the preview had me worried since in the short clip they had played in the preview commercial, Ichigo sounded rather… monotone… However, that was just an isolated occurance and it seems that Ichigo’s punk-ish attitude remains intact. Now, on to Rukia… I think… uhh… her voice will take a bit of time to get used to. It’s pretty good in it’s own right I suppose it just strikes me as a different. Oh, but continuing my stream of conciousness style of blogging for this post, Soul Reaper? Uh… I guess it a mildly logical translation, but what was wrong with Death God? I don’t know, I don’t think I care for it, but perhaps I’ll come to accept it over time… probably not though… Back to the voices uhh… well aside from the two main character the others were more or less fitting, but nothing especially noteworthy. Although I do like Patrick Seitz as Ishhin. As for censorshop, uhh… not much if any? Perhaps a bit of blood reduction, but, if so, not much.

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