Utawarerumono 04

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Nuwangi returns, with his father Sasante, and a group of soliers to cause trouble in the village. Tousukuru stands up in defense of Aruru and ends up getting killed. However, before she dies she declares that Hakuoro shall be the new village elder. He’s initially resistant to take the position but ends up accepting it. Later, Hakuoro meets up with Oboro in the forest, and tells him of Tousukuru’s death. Oboro blames himself and takes off to Sasante’s castle to take revenge. Back in the village, a meeting is being held on wheather the villagers should avenge their former leader or not. Hakuoro is intially resistant but eventually conceeds.

While the meeting was going on Oboro was making his singe handed attack on the castle. He managed to cause a bit of havoc but was soon capured and thrown in the dungeon. A bit after this Hakuoro and the villagers attack, breaking through the doors of the castle. They proceed the decimate the castle guard and burn down the castle. During the chaos caused by the attack, Benaui releases Oboro from the dungeon, who proceeds to join the villagers in their attack. Eventually they corner Sasante and Hakuoro stabs him with his fan, killing him. However, seeing all the blood and fire makes Hakuoro flash back to firey mouth(Last seen in episode 1). It seems that a, now crazed, Nuwangi has escaped the slaughter and is now fleeing into the woods.
After the battle dies down Hakuoro wonders if it was really the correct thing to do, to avenge Tousukuru in such away. However his thought is interrupted by the arrivial of Oboro who asks Hakuoro why he saved him. Hakuoro proceeds to punch Oboro and lecture him. Not in an angry way, just to knock some sense into him I suppose. The two are interrupted by Eruru, who seems to have come to the former battlefeild due to worries about Hakuoro and the others. she and Hakuoro make a bit of conversation until he collapses to the ground. Eruru remains with him and comforts him through song.

My Take:

Lots of action this episode. It was nice to finally see Hakuoro in full on battle mode. He makes that Tessen seem rather cool. And Oboro… he looked cool for a bit, until he got captured and beat up… poor guy. Oh yeah, Nuwangi seems to have… lost it. Perhaps he’ll end up becoming some sort of big evil fellow since he sold his soul to a demon or something, ehh… I hope not…

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