Honey and Clover II 09

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Okay everyone, my apologies in advance: I’m running on less sleep than usual so I might be rambly or my sentences might not make sense. So yeah, please bear with me -.-. Thanks ^^.


The story begins with Shinobu sitting alone in his room while it snows outside, saying that Kaoru disappeared. A flashback occurs, where Kaoru and Shinobu talk to each other. Shinobu talks about going to a warm country for a while and relaxing. Kaoru refuses, however, saying that he couldn’t see the light that Shinobu could. He says that he has nothing, and that their dad only cared about Shinobu. Shinobu asks Shiroyama whether he was wrong to help Kaoru. Shiroyama says that Kaoru should be fine, since he is kind and able to imagine how much others care for him.

At the hospital, Shuu-chan asks Yamada and Takemoto to leave Hagu alone for a while. Hagu says she doesn’t want pain killers so that she will be able to tell whether her nerves have reconnected or not. That way, if the pain doesn’t come, she’ll be able to have surgery again immediately. At this point, Hagu calls Shuu-chan saying that her hands feel pain again, then goes unconscious.

The scene changes to the hallway, where Shuu-chan explains what happened since last episode. He says that he had the doctor explain the situation to Hagu. If the nerves didn’t reconnect, she would have to have surgery again as soon as possible to increase the chances of her healing. She therefore refused to sleep or take painkillers. As Yamada and Takemoto walk home, Takemoto says that the two were overwhelmed by Hagu’s strong will that let her overcome her pain. A flashback to the hallway comes, where Shuu-chan says that everything depends on rehabilitation now. He says that there may be numbness that remains even after rehabilitation that even her efforts may not be able to overcome.

Yamada looks at cell phones when Nomiya passes by her. Over coffee, she explains that she wants to have a cell phone just in case she can help Hagu in some way. Nomiya tells her that Yamada should stay with her and help her, especially since the upcoming rehabilitation process will be hard. After Yamada runs off, Nomiya turns around to see that Miwako and Yamazaki were listening. The three discuss friendship, yielding disastrous results for Yamazaki.

Yamada sews in her room at night, remembering the fact that Hagu is her friend, even though she appears to live in another world. Yamada gives Hagu a cape-like thing she made for her, as well as grapes, books, and MDs. Hagu is touched by all Yamada did for her.

Shuu-chan talks to the doctor, who says that the shock on Hagu must have been great. Shuu-chan remembers how Hagu couldn’t feel textures with the tips of her fingers.

Takemoto looks at flowers at the flower shop, thinking how expensive they are. Yamada sees Takemoto, then takes him to a grassy bank near the train tracks, where there are wild flowers. They pick flowers for her. They then find out that Hagu had no sensation at the tips of her fingers. Shuu-chan asks them to have hope that her sensation will increase over time. Takemoto asks if the person he saw the night before was Hagu’s father. He realized that she has no place to go home to now.

Takemoto explains that Hagu started biting at her own hand out of frustration. However, Shuu-chan started letting her use his hand instead. He realizes that Shuu-chan decided to be calm and unwavering so that he will be able to support Hagu. Takemoto then goes on to say that he is supposed to join the temple reconstruction workers by early April, so their day of parting is coming near. He considers not going, but then asks himself what he would do for a job. Takemoto then says that he could take up part time work so that he can stay by her side and help her. However, Takemoto realizes that he will have to stop receiving money from his parents once he graduates. He wonders if he will be able to live in Tokyo with only money from part-time jobs. He then tells himself that if he works a lot, he’ll be able to survive, but then he won’t be able to care for Hagu. Also, even if she got better, he realizes that he will be a burden to her, without a job or steady income even after going to an expensive art school. He realizes that he doesn’t want to leave her, but he has no way of helping her.


…aww…That must have been one huge shock for Hagu…and it must have been so painful to watch that happen. I’m amazed/touched by Shuu-chan o.O. He really must love Hagu so much (not that we couldn’t tell before, but yeah…). I’m curious to find out who Hagu’s parents are, and what happened between her and her dad…why does she suddenly have nowhere to turn to? And where did Kaoru go? I feel sorry for Shinobu…

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