Zero no Tsukaima 08

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Okay, that whole no summaries thing didn’t really work for me, so now I guess I’ll just go back to the old way… so without further digression on to…


Saito and Louise are riding back to school on horseback when Louise expresses her distaste at the fact that he was grabbing her chest. However Saito countered by saying that she was so flat that it really didn’t matter. However Louise struck the last blow(literally) and elbowed Saito to the ground. Any further arguement is stopped by the arrivial of Tabitha and Kirche. The two are in the process of boarding a carriage, it seems that Kirche is going to visit Tabitha’s family over the vacation.

On the way to Tabitha’s manor Kirches a bit of conversation with Tabitha, since the ride was longer than usual due to a detour caused by lake flooding. However, Tabitha isn’t eaxctly talkative. We do learn a bit about Kirche though. She seems to be on rather poor relations with her family due to her overly flirtatious nature. Back at the school, Saito is once again doing housework for Louise. Why is it always laundry anyway? Oh well, after finishing the laundry Saito notices the cook throwing out a large pot, and decided to take it for his own use.

Back at Tabitha’s manor, we find out a large portion of Tabitha’s history. First and foremost it turns out that Tabitha’s name is really Charlotte. It seems that her father is dead, and not only that her mother is insane. Tee mother’s insanity was caused by a drink that was meant for Tabitha which was created with some sort of water magic that causes insanity. Although her mother’s actions protected Tabitha and revealed the assassins, the potions effects were irriversible. Not only that but in the mother’s weakened state she clung to a doll, formerly known as Tabitha, calling it Charlotte. However it doesn’t end there, since even after the direct assassination attempts stopped Tabitha was often assigned to dangerous missions, which she always managed to complete. However all her efforts only awarded her the small title of chevalier.

It’s night time back at the school and Saito has set up a makeshift hot tub out of the large pot. While he’s enjoying himself Siesta happens to come accross him. However the moment she shows up Saito bursts out of the water, startling her enough to make her spill the tea she was carrying. Saito jokingly suggests that she can join him in the tub, and Siesta actually takes him up on his offer. The two make a bit of awkward conversation at first but soon hit it off rather well. It is at this point that Louise sees them, from a distance, she becomes rather angry that Saito is with another woman and storms off.

Over in another portion of the school, Guiche and  Montmorency are having a quite dinner together. However not all is as it seems, as Montmorency has made a love potion that she intends to slip into his drink. However before he can drink it, Louise comes over and chugs it down herself. Back at the tub, Siesta eventually leaves the bath and thanks Saito saying that she had a lot of fun… but that the best part was Saito himself(She says that with a butt wiggle and everything, somewhat odd, but cute I suppose). After saying her part she rushes off, leaving Saito wondering if he “puffed up in the water”

Saito returns to Louise’s room after he finished his bath and expects to recieve and angry greeting. However he is suprised to find her.. rather emotional… and not in a violent way either. Back at Tabitha’s manor she cries out for her mother in her sleep, and Kirche comforts her.
My Take

“Maybe I puffed up in the water” Hahahahahh, that is going to be one of my favourite quotes for quite a while I think. But enough about that, on to Siesta. Wow, she… moves rather quickly? Hahaha, and she seems to fall into the category of “anime girls who’s breasts are about five times larger, in the hot tub and other various scenes, than normal” Umm, I suppose Tabitha’s backstory is interesting enough, fleshes out the character a bit more, so that she’s not “just another Rei/Nagato clone”. However I question the mother’s logic, why didn’t she just get rid of the drink? Dump it out or something? Instead of drinking something she knew was poisonous. I mean yeah, I guess it revealed the assassin, but there must have been a better way. Or perhaps there’s some sort of critical event that I’m forgetting about that forced her to drink it…


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