Zero no Tsukaima 07

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Damn you Saito… you lucky lucky lucky punk…

My Take

Wow, Saito was rather smooth about his kiss with Henrietta. Well more smooth than one would expect someone who’s never had a girlfriend. But he went back into ‘Sad Beaten Saito’ mode rather quickly, thanks to Louise of course. I could provide the endless unimportant drivel that happens before Jessica comes into the picture. But as you can tell, I don’t really care about that stuff. Hooray for Tavern girl Jessica you are second only to Siesta in my heart! Ummm… er… anyway… It was rather humerous to see Louse bumble through her waitressing. Although one must pity all the customers she ’serviced’ as well. Poor guys just looking for a good time and they get a girl who looks like she hasn’t hit pubery and a drink in their face =P. Buuut… enough about that, back to Jessica. She seems to be quite good at this whole seducing thing, perhaps better than the great Kirche herself. But of couse, Saito is too idotic to take advantage of this opportunity… Why Saito!? Why of all the girls you can chose from, you chose Louise…? -_-;. Speaking of Lousie and Saito, she must have the world’s greatest soccer kick, and Saito much have balls of steel. And yeah, Lousie got the special outfit… but… do I really care? No, couldn’t they have pulled some sort of plot device that caused Jessica to win? Oh well, hmm am I the only one who found saito’s Tres Bien to be very scary? *shivers*

Wow, that turned out really random, perhaps I’ll get back to doing summaries soon, seems to keep my rants more… on topic -_-;

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