Zero no Tsukaima 06

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My Take!

Longueville was Foquet? I have to say that I didn’t expect that, even though it’s pretty obvious when you really think about it. I kinda wish she didn’t go evil though, her scenes with the headmaster were always good for a laugh or two. Well Saito finally got to be rather badass in this episode. Even though I’m not sure what I think of his ‘power’. I mean that fact that you can use any weapon you want is cool but… it could make things way to easy eventually? Which would mean less captivating fights… Oh well, it’s not like I’m really interesting in the action for this series anymore. Although it’s still a nice bonus =P. As for the origins of the staff of destruction I suppose it’s an interesting way to show how Saito isn’t the only one to be dragged into this world. And revealing a rather probable theme of Saito finding varying weapons from his world and using them to overcome various challenges… gee it sounds so interesting when ya put it that way.  The dance portion at the end was cute, even though it goes against my beloved pairing… but nya. It was still realy sweet.


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