Zero no Tsukaima 05

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Okay, from here on out, I’m going to skip the summaries for the episodes. Since, to be frank, you can probably find better ones on other sites, and I’m much more interested in the analysis and discussion portion. So without further adieu…

My Take!

Well this episode introduces a new character. And what’s more a character that is actually nice to Louise! *gasp* What to say about Henrietta, yet another reminder of Shakugan no Shana? Another possible love interest for Saitio? Actually, I have nothing to say at the moment, yeah her character will probably prove to be more interesting later on, but at the moment she’s just kinda blah. Along with the new charcter we get to see a bit of Louise’s history and such. However it’s not all that interesting so I shall move on. Well once again Saito, while he did show courage, was kinda beat on once again. Louise however showed that she can actually be quite powerful when she wants to, making a dent the the seemingly impervious castle wall. But it’s not that much of a suprise if you think about it nya? The seemigly weak character is actually has this super powerfull hidden power… blah blah blah. Hooray for cliches! Hmmm as to the theft of the staff of destruction I’m curious as to what happens next. However I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Lousie and Saito will do something cool and get it back, =P.

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