Zero no Tsukaima 04

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The scene opens with the headmaster recieving news from a messenger of the king, Count Mott. He warns Osman to take good care of the Staff of Destruction as a thief has expressed the will to steal it. However Osman doesn’t seem worried.

Outside, Saito is doing laundry. Eventually Siesta approches and thanks him, for giving her and all the other commoners courage, and walks away, leaving Saito slightly confused. After that he heads back to Louise’s room, however, before he can get there, he is ambushed by Kirche. Inside he room she proceeds to make her move on him, offering him various things, from a sword to a precious family airloom in the form of a book. However Saito is resistant and questions why she choose him, out of all the other guys that are infatuated with her. She replies that she finds him interesting for his crudeness, which makes Saito angry and he begins to walk away. However she tackles him to the ground before he can exit. And, by chance Louise happens to burst through the door at that exact moment. She proceeds to drag Saito back to her room and whip him.

The next day, Louise leaves Saito outside with the other familiars, saying that he’s an embaressment in class, always looking up girls skirts. After she heads off to class, Saito wansers the school until he meets the head cook, who takes him to the kitchen for food. After eating Saito asks where Siesta is, and it turns out that she no longer works at the school, she now works for Count Mott. And has most likely become part of his concubine as revealed by Derflinger.

Saito charges to Count Motts mansion after hearing the news, and demnds to see him. Count Mott reluctantly lets him in but refuses to give Siesta away. However he is willing to make a trade, Siesta for a very old and very valuable book, property of the Zerbust family. Saito returns to the school, meeting Louise on the way. After returning to the school and wating for Louise to fall asleep Saito goes to Kirche’s room and asks her to give him the book. She agree, but only if he goes out with her. However Saito angrily refuses and takes the sword from her room.

He heads over, once agian, to Count Motts mansion and tries to sneak in. However, he does a very poor job and is quickly caught and dragged in front of Count Mott. Once inside, Saito draws his blade and demands that Siesta be released. However Mott just laughs and proceeds to beat the crap out of Saito. Yet, before Mott can land thing finishing blow, Louise ‘deflects’ it. The fighting ends after that and Louise says that she will take responsibilty for Saito’s actions. Yet, the problem of Siesta’s occupation is still at large, but this is rectified by Kirche. Who gives Mott the book that he was looking for. It turns out to be an old porn mag…

Back at the school, Siesta thanks Saito with a kiss. After a bit of blushing, Saito goes to see Louise to thank her and such. However she has been thinking about his punishment which seems to be something along the line of 100 lashes… poor boy…

My Take!

Saito ended up rather pathetic, at least fighting wise, this episode. But he a got a kiss, so I guess that makes it okay… somewhat. One thing I have to wonder though… what is up with Count Mott’s judgement. Why pick a pron magazine over a concubine? I mean from a logical standpoint the latter just seems… better? But… I suppose it’s a good thing that he chose the mag, at least for Siesta… and Saito. Long live the SS pairing!

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