Honey and Clover II 08

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There ^^ caught up now =D 


The scene starts with Hagu remembering that she saw God when she was little. She understood why she should draw and decided that she would return her life to Him if she ever should stop drawing.

Hagu is standing in front of Takemoto’s work. He arrives and says he just finished a moment ago. Hagu compliments the piece, causing Takemoto to blush. Takemoto tells Hagu that he is thinking of becoming a restoration worker like the people whom he met on his voyage. Hagu says it’s hard to imagine that Yamada, Takemoto, and she will be scattered across Japan after graduation. Takemoto asks Hagu why she doesn’t tell Shuu-chan her real feelings about her post-graduation plans. Hagu says she is scared that she can’t give anything to Shuu-chan in return for making him sacrifice everything.

Shuu-chan stares out the window in the room as Yamada comes in. Yamada asks if Shuu-chan is depressed. Shuu-chan says he isn’t, but acts it.

Students prepare for the opening of the Hamabi Festival as the wind blows strongly. Yamada wonders if the outside displays will be all right. Then, suddenly, aglass panel being moved shatters and the glass falls on Hagu.

In Spain, the Spanish architect and Mayama seem on the verge of exploding at each other. A woman (maybe another architect? I don’t know) comments that Rika has been looking better since Mayama arrived. Rika says that since Mayama goes to drink with Carlos (the architect) almost every night, she has been able to sleep soundly. That night, after drinking with Carlos, Mayama sits outside Rika’s bedroom. He is unhappy that they have two different bedrooms and that Rika locks her door at night. He ponders breaking in, but decides not to.
Over in Japan, Shuu-chan, Yamada, and Takemoto find out that Hagu was hurt in the accident. Takemoto is shocked at the blood all over the ground. Yamada comes crying to him, saying Shuu-chan went to the hospital with Hagu, but that her right hand was hurt. Yamada and Takemoto clean the blood off the cement.

At Floyd Electrics, the president receives a report from someone. Shinobu and Kaoru enter his room. Kaoru insults the president, giving him a worker’s uniform as a “birthday present.” Kaoru introduces himself, Shinobu, and two people who worked with his father as the new Board of Directors. When the president asks why they are doing this, Kaoru explains that they are getting revenge, and that if the president’s children and grandchildren want revenge, they can prepare for years too. As Kaoru and Shinobu walk home, Kaoru says that he will hunt the president down until he wishes he were dead. Kaoru then breaks down in tears, apologizing to his father for not keeping his promise to move on.

Takemoto explains that people were always stopping in front of Hagu’s painting. He says Shuu-chan called him towards evening, explaining that Hagu received injuries to her head, left arm, and right hand. Takemoto and Yamada visit Hagu in the hospital. Hagu explains that the pain is getting worse in her head as the anaesthetic is dying off, but that she doesn’t feel any pain in her right hand. Shuu-chan comes in and says the Yamada and Takemoto should go home and get some rest. Hagu asks Shuu-chan to tell her everything about what the doctor said. Shuu-chan explains that her wounds run from the base of her fingers and that her tendons were cut. Hagu realizes that her nerves were damanged but is unable to ask whether she will completely heal.


Oy…her right hand was injured?! I can’t believe they did that o.O. I really hope she’s still able to pain and sculpt and work…but yeah o.O. The poor girl >.

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