Honey and Clover II 07

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The story starts with Kaoru working at his computer. He remembers how his father made the final candidates for employment build an airplane one year. The father had said that the person who builds the airplane that flies the farthest will get hired. He made the people who already worked for him and his sons participate in the contest. Shinobu won, while Kaoru and his father’s friend and business partner, Negishi, built planes that did not fly.

The scene changes to Kaoru and his father running to find Shinobu. His father takes Shinobu, who was hurt, to the doctor in a rush. However, Kaoru realizes after his father leaves that he hurt his leg while looking for Shinobu. Negishi sees Kaoru crying and carries him home. Negishi remembers how Morita was always loved by others and was never scared of anything. Negishi says that he was jealous of him. He wanted to think that there was something only he could do, too.

Negishi is at home, feeding his mother, who does not even realize that Negishi is her son, not her husband. Negishi seems to have a terminal illness, yet does not go stay in the hospital since he needs to take care of her. Negishi wonders why the world is split into haves and have-nots, then wonders why he was born.

Morita (dad) works on welding as Negishi explains how he will put patents under the company name and will issue new stocks. Negishi challenges Morita to prove that he really is a different kind of being. He betrays Morita and lets the Floyd Electric Corporation buy the Research Lab. Morita realizes that Negishi betrayed him and decides to leave . He asks Negishi to take care of everyone in the lab. Negishi collapses, thinking he will finally be able to sleep.

The Morita family visits Negishi in his hospital room. Morita (dad) says since he will hate Negishi forever, then tells his sons that they should not hate him. He tells them to move forward. The three move out of their house.

When walking in a shopping district together, Kaoru and Shinobu see a product their father made being sold under the Floyd Electric logo. Kaoru almost breaks the product, so he and Shinobu run. Kaoru realizes that he cannot let go and move on because he understands Negishi: he was always envious of Shinobu and his father, and he, too, wished there was something only he could do.

The scene changes back to the present. Shinobu wakes up on the sofa, and says he will stay in the room until Kaoru finishes, even though Kaoru doesn’t need his help. The two then prepare to go to Floyd Electric.

At school, the wind blows strongly as the Hamabi Festival starts. Everyone narrates that they had no way of knowing what would happen next. As the episode ends, we see Hagu’s pale yellow hair on the ground along with shards of glass with blood on them.


…Uh oh…o.O. What happened to Hagu-chan?! And will Kaoru and Shinobu win their father’s company back? Aaaaah! So worried… I felt really sorry for Kaoru and Negishi-san after hearing their stories. It must have been painful to be so close to people whom they were so envious of. I wonder what happened to Negishi-san’s mother once he was hospitalized…

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