Honey and Clover II 06

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Almost done with catch-up ^^ 


The students of the school are preparing for the Hamabi Festival. A white cat walks towards Morita, who is asleep in the grass. Morita is dreaming of his father, the head of Morita Technological Research Lab. His father rushes home to make it to dinner. He shows his sons, Shinobu and Kaoru, a tiny robot he made that walks toward light. Morita wakes up to find the white cat sleeping on his stomach.

The scene changes to Takemoto, who is eating and working on his project. He comments on the monotony of the mindless labor involved in creating scaffolding, then thinks about how he is able to continue because he knows he was able to pedal all the way to Wakkanai, a long and monotonous action.

Hagu is sitting in the library, looking at photographs of artwork. She thinks about how she opens one box after another in her mind, creating new pieces of work. She knows that one lifetime is not enough time to open all the boxes in her mind. However, she thinks that if she finds someone who can help her open the boxes, then she might be able to do so. Shuu-chan comes in at this point, explaining to her about the piece of work she was looking at. Hagu is about to ask Shuu-chan something, but stops, telling herself that he has his own life and that she has no right to take over it.

We switch to the design office, where Nomiya, Yamazaki, and Miwako hear from Mayama that Rika asked Mayama to come to Spain. Rika seems to be chased by the Spanish architect who is to help her with the museum. Mayama explains the foods he is going to take to Spain so Rika eats. Yamada comes in and gives Mayama some advice for spices. As Yamada walks home at night, Leader and Nomiya come after her. He tells her “good job” for having been able to help Mayama.

Back at school, Hagu stares at her canvas. Morita sees her, but then starts to leave without talking to her. Shuu-chan asks Morita if he isn’t going to talk to her. He warns that if they don’t talk now, their paths will go in different directions. Morita says that that is inevitable. Morita walks home thinking of his brother, who stares at the old Morita Technology Research Lab, which now has the sign “Floyd Electrics” on it. Kaoru tells himself that he will get his father’s company back.

The scene switches to daytime at school, where Hagu, Yamada, Takemoto, and Shuu-chan are in the room. They discuss plans to go to the ocean, but Yamada realizes that not everyone will fit in the car. However, she then realizes that Mayama is now in Spain so there would be room. They decide to go to the ocean when Mayama comes back in about a month. They imagine what they will do when they get there. However, Takemoto’s voice starts narrating, saying that in the end, they never did go to the beach. Their time together ended without a single photograph, but only memories imprinted in their minds.


…O.O! The ending seems to hint at tragedy…What’s going to happen?! I hope no one dies or anything T.T. I feel sorry for Rika-san, getting attacked by that random Spanish architect. I hope she’s okay. I also kind of wonder what happened with the Morita Research Lab…bought out maybe? The little robot that moved toward the light was kind of cute. Wonder what it would be used for *blinks*.

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