Honey and Clover II 05

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Yay next episode ^^! Oh so apparently Dillon is trying to race me in numbers of posts *blinks*. Weirdness…he has so many more series to write about than I do, of course he’s going to win? Oh well my feeble attempts to sort of maybe not really catch up =P.


The story starts with Yamada and Miwako talking about Yamada’s pottery and work. They talk about Rika and her work in Spain. Yamada remembers Mayama talking to Rika on the phone. She realizes that something happened between the two, making them closer. Miwako brings Yamada out of her daydream and takes her to a Health Land. They take a bath in the rose and fruits bath, then get a body scrub. They enjoy a beer on the patio, where Miwako notices Fragrant Tea Olive’s in bloom. Yamada remembers the smell of the Fragrant Tea Olive, which blooms during the preparations of the Hamabi Festival. She remembers looking for Mayama during that time during previous years. As she starts crying, Miwako wipes away her tears and takes her around the rest of the Health Land.

Back at Miwako’s place, Miwako’s phone rings as Nomiya calls. Miwako explains that she wore Yamada out and that Yamada had been crying a little. Nomiya asks Miwako to take care of Yamada for a while. After he hangs up, he yells at the phone, unhappy that Yamada didn’t call him even though she wasn’t doing well. He hopes that Yamada won’t cry by herself, or in front of another guy, until he gets back. Meanwhile, Yamada dreams of Nomiya and wonders why his words won’t leave her head.

The scene changes to school, where Takemoto is yelling at Morita. Morita is eating Takemoto’s food, while Takemoto has no money to live off of because he spent all his money on driving school to get his license. When Hagu offers Takemoto her food, he declines, but Morita eats that too. Shuu-chan throws both Takemoto and Morita out the window. As Morita falls, his money scatters. As he gathers all of it, Takemoto asks what he plans to do with all that money he makes but never uses. Morita leaves before answering the question.

Morita talks to his brother, who shows him a plan for taking 50 yen a month from all children around the world. He asks Morita to do another job in a month. After some coaxing, Morita agrees.

The scene switches to Takemoto’s apartment, where Mayama feeds Takemoto. When Mayama asks why he suddenly decided to get his license in a rush, Takemoto explains how he was told to do so if he wants to go work with the temple repairers. Mayama says he’ll treat Takemoto to a trip to the bath and to ice cream.

On the trip to the bath, Takemoto asks Mayama why he lives in that cheap appartment. Mayama says he wants money so that, if something happens to the woman he loves, he can tell her to go ahead and stop working without worrying about finances. Takemoto is moved by this statement, but Mayama becomes embarassed and runs off.

Over at the design office, Yamada waits with Leader for Miwako. Yamada is tempted to call Nomiya when the bell rings and…Nomiya arrives. As Nomiya hugs leader, then touches Yamada’s head, Yamada tries to kick Nomiya and runs out. Yamada thinks to herself that she wanted to continue loving Mayama, even if he didn’t reciprocate. She wishes she weren’t drawn toward Nomiya. At this point, Nomiya comes over to Yamada along with Leader. Yamada realizes she is very happy that Nomiya came back.


Hrm this episode was nice: I felt like I saw Takemoto-kun and Morita-san for the first time in a while o.O. I was also really glad Nomiya-san came back: yay! ^^. I hope Yamada-san is able to move on =). On a totally different note, I really liked the Fragrant Tea Olives in this episode, especially when they were floating in front of the black and white animation…yay for flowers ^^.

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