Utawarerumono 3

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Alright, I must force myself to blog this before I watch the next episode… so it’s speed run time. *Hums the tune to Speed Racer*


The scene opens with Eruru and Hakuoro at a shrine in the forest. Eruru places a flower on the shrine explaining to Hakuoro that her name originated from and Aruru walks in and places her flower namesake at the shrine as well. The the scene then skips over to the village, where a bunch of defeated soldiers have come in hope of finding food and shelter. The villagers are initally unwilling to house the soldiers however Tousukuru decided to take them in.

That night, Hakuoro is awakened by Eruru. Who informs him that Tousukuru has gone missing. Hakuoro decides to go after her, Eruru wants to go with him, however he disuades her. Telling her that if she left, there would be no one availible to take care of Aruru. After Hakuoro leaves the village he is ambushed by a man weilding two swords who tells him to turn back, Hakuoro refuses and the two get into a brief skirmish. However just as the two had lined up their finishing blows they were stopped by Tousukuru. shen then proceeds to reprimand the man, who’s name seems to be Oboro. It seems that Tousukuru had come with the Oboro to check up on his sister Yuzuha, who seems to be sick. Tousukuru requests that Hakuoro accompany them to see her, much to Oboro’s disdain. The group proceeds to Oboro’s house… er… manor… thingy… where they meet Yuzuha. She seems to not only be feeble but blind as well, however, her other senses have sharpened becasue of said factors. She and Hakuoro get along quite nicely and she asks him to call her Yuzuha. The next day Oboro seems to have left a large bag of food and various other supplies, seemingly in thanks.

One rainy night, Oboro’s two archer helpers arrive at Tousukuru’s house. They ask Hakuoro and Tousukuru to come to Oboro’s place quickly, since Yuzuha has fallen into a critical condidtion. After arriving at Oboro’s Tousukuru manages to return Yuzuha to a stable condition, however the ingredients for the cure are very hard to come by. So Tousukuru may not be able to save her next time. Oboro is saddened by this fact, but he tries to put on a happy act for his sister.

The next night, Oboro is trying to rob a castle. However he is seen before he can get whatever he was after and is forced to run away. However, before he can make a clean getaway he is stopped by a man on lizard thing. Oboro attempts to defeat the man but is easily defeated. It turns out that the man is Benaui, the Samurai General. Later on, Hakuoro and Aruru find the wounded Oboro in the woods. Aruru then proceeds to bandage his wounds, even though Oboro was reluctant to accept thier help. In the village it seems that Nuwangi(from the first episode) and his father are have returned to the village.

My Take!

Well we got to see a bit more of Hakuoro’s fighting skills this episode, but not enough -_-. As to the new characters introduced, they seem interesting enough. Although I have a feeling that I will soon tire of Oboro. Well I’ll cut short my review this time for sake of speed, I’ll make up for it next episode… perhaps…

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