Honey and Clover II 04

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Wow it’s shorter this time o.O ^^ 


The episode starts out as the students begin to prepare for the Hamabi Festival. Shuu-chan remembers how a fellow teacher was telling him about how Hagu might be turning down offers to study abroad because she doesn’t want to trouble Shuu-chan. Shuu-chan hopes Hagu and her friends do their best at their last Hamabi Festival.

Hagu discovers an old postcard in Shuu-chan’s drawer. That night, Shuu-chan dreams of his memories with Harada and Rika related to the postcard. He remembers how he almost killed Rika after Harada’s death because watching her suffer through life without Harada was too painful. Shuu-chan hopes that she will rely on Mayama to move forward, just as Hagu helped him.

The scene changes to Mayama and Rika saying goodbye to a client at the train station. As a train to Sapporo, Hokkaido arrives at the station, Mayama pushes Rika into it. Mayama asks Rika if she’d like to go all the way to Hokkaido. They take a room together. Mayama is so happy about being able to stay by her side even when going to bed that his head starts hurting. He decides to sleep in his seat, rather than in bed.

After arriving in Hokkaido, Mayama and Rika drive to the ruins of Rika’s house. Rika explains that everyone who leaves houses in Hokkaido tear them apart so they don’t collapse in the snow. She remembers how Harada came to Hokkaido with her to tear down the house when her father died. She thanks Mayama for bringing her here. Mayama felt that Rika was slowly losing things that tied her down to this world.

The scene changes to a hotel room in the morning. Rika and Mayama spent the night together. Rika tries to sneak out of the room, but is caught by Mayama. Mayama yells at Rika, seeing through her plan to go to Spain alone, then die after finishing all of her jobs. He begs her to try and live. The two return to Tokyo. The next day, Mayama sees Rika off at the airport. Checking through her email, he finds out that she no longer plans on staying in Spain alone.


Wow this episode was really rather…sudden *blinks*. They were in Tokyo and then suddenly they were on the way to Hokkaido and then suddenly they were sleeping together *blinks*. But yay for Mayama’s stalker tendencies paying off ^^. I’m glad Rika-san seems to have accepted Mayama’s feelings enough to let him come to Spain =D.

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