Honey and Clover II 03

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The episode begins with a snow globe of Yokohama. Hagu and Yamada discuss how romantic a snow dome of Hawaii looks, with snow falling on sand dunes. The scene changes to Nomiya and Yamazaki staring at sand dunes in Tottori Prefecture. Yamazaki asks if Nomiya wants to show Yamada the sand dunes. Nomiya says that he doesn’t know: he’s never hurt a child before, so he finds his attraction to Yamada a bit of a pain. Yamazaki asks why Nomiya assumes he’ll hurt her, instead of wanting to take good care of her. Nomiya is surprised by this and suddenly realizes that that is a possibility.

That night, Nomiya calls Miwako and finds out Yamada has been going to Rika’s design place. Miwako tells him to call her there since she’ll probably be hurt.

At the Harada Design Office. Yamada catches Mayama looking through Rika’s internet history. As Yamada attacks Mayama, asking how low he’ll get, the fax machine beeps. Mayama asks Rika what the paper, which asks Rika for an interview before she moves to Spain to expand the Valencia Museum of Art building, is talking about. Rika says that Mayama is going to go with her to Spain once the contract is hammered out in 6 months. She says she’ll turn down the interview request, then goes upstairs to rest. Mayama looks at her computer some more, asking Yamada what she thinks of a site with a weather cam for Otaru, Hokkaido, Rika’s hometown. Mayama says that Rika hasn’t taken a break in a long time, and that she hasn’t gone back home for a while. In her room, Rika speaks to herself, asking Harada to wait for her because she will be finished with all their jobs soon.

Back downstairs, Yamada receives a call from Nomiya. Nomiya and Yamada talk about how they’ve been. When Nomiya asks if Yamada is okay, she says cheerfully that things have been great. After Yamada hangs up, she starts crying. Nomiya decides to drive to Tokyo to see her, since her happy voice sounded fake. However, once in Tokyo, Nomiya finds out that Miwako sent Yamada to Tottori because she seemed depressed. They realize that they can’t contact her because she has no cell phone, so Nomiya rushes back to Tottori.

Yamada seems spacey on the train. When she arrives, she hands Yamazaki the package Miwako sent her to deliver, then starts to go back. Yamazaki tries his best to detain her, pulling her through all the tourist areas. Yamada is on the verge of going home when Nomiya comes back. Nomiya grabs Yamada’s hand and asks her not to leave, then falls asleep on the sofa. Yamazaki grabs blankets and a pillow for Yamada, then leaves. Yamada…gets confused.

Nomiya wakes up in the morning to see Yamada with her legs exposed and a crowd of scary (?) unicorns protecting her. Nomiya gets up, then wakes Yamada up as he makes coffee. The two go to see the sand dunes. There, Yamada asks Nomiya where he was yesterday. When Nomiya says he went to Tokyo to see her, Yamada doesn’t believe him. Nomiya asks if something happened, since she was crying on the phone. When Yamada denies this, he corrects himself and says that she cried after she hung up. Yamada is surprised and asks how he knew. Nomiya thinks to himself that he would, since he’d been watching her ever since they met.

Nomiya drives Yamada back to the station, thinking about her on the way. As she gets on the train, Nomiya tells her to call him if she feels helpless. When Yamada asks why, Nomiya tells her it’s because he loves her. As Yamada looks at him in surprise, the doors close and the train leaves. Nomiya wonders why he said the truth, then realizes Yamazaki was watching him. In the train, Yamada is in a half panic as the unicorns run back to Tokyo.


Awwww ^^. Nomiya said it! ^^. Ok, maybe I’m a little too excited but still…I like this pairing so yeah. And Nomiya with his Suit of Adolscence back on is funny to imagine =P. It’s nice having an episode concentrating mostly on two people again, instead of trying to cover everything: much easier to get into this way. I wonder what will happen between those two now ^^.

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