Honey and Clover II 02

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My first post…*blinks* o.O. Sorry it’s so random and long.


 This episode starts with the sound of hiccups. As we enter the room, we see that Hagu has the hiccups. Shuu-chan shows her how to stop them by drinking from the other side of a glass of water. However, Hagu spills, just like Rika apparently used to do.

As Shuu-chan goes to get more water so Hagu can try again, Morita comes in and says that if you hiccup 100 times, you’ll die. As he starts counting down, Hagu runs away in a panic. Takemoto saves Hagu from Morita and shows her a different method of stopping hiccups. He hands her a glass of water, then forms a cross with chopsticks over it, then tells her to drink from each of the four quadrants formed by the chopsticks. Hagu’s hiccups stop and she thanks him, then runs off. Takemoto thinks to himself about being glad that he told Hagu he likes her, even though she has started to avoid him. As Hagu returns to the room, we see her tearing up.

The scene changes to an old man praising a vase made by Yamada. Rika is at her side. The scene then changes to Rika and Yamada sitting and having tea, or rather Rika drinking coffee and Yamada eating a HUGE parfait. Rika thanks Yamada for the work. Yamada wonders about how Mayama feels when he’s with Rika.

They then return to Rika-san’s office. There, Mayama acts like a mother, handing Rika and Yamada towels and paper towels to dry off with (it seems it rained on their way home). As they drink tea to warm up, Mayama tells Rika to go and rest since he heard her working until morning in her room upstairs. Yamada and Mayama order pizza before starting work on a file. Mayama wonders whether it’s odd that he and Rika barely talk, and that when they do talk they only talk about work.

We now appear at school, where people are working on various projects. Morita is sleeping under a tree when his brother comes. Morita hands him a thick wad of money. Morita’s brother states that there isn’t enough demand for creative people as there are people at the school, and that there are few people with true talent. When Morita asks if anything is wrong, he tells Morita that things are going well: they are almost ready in terms of funds. Morita sees an image of Hagu and Takemoto in his head and looks down sadly.

In the room, Shuu-chan and Yamada discuss what he used to talk about with Rika. He laughs and says that he was always made to talk about things he read about, such as art history and anatomy. He remembers that his teacher thought that he was a wonderful student because he was always looking for something to talk about to Rika. Then he explains that there’s nothing to worry about if Rika isn’t talking much because Rika talks least when she’s with someone she likes. As Yamada walks home, she tells herself that she won’t tell this to Mayama.

At the office, Rika explains the pottery pieces that they need to Yamada and Mayama. Rika suddenly leaves the room due to a bout of hiccups. She tries to drink from the other side of the glass as Harada told her to do before. Mayama and Yamada decide to leave her alone for a while. However, as Rika doesn’t return and they wonder about what to do for dinner, Mayama goes to check up on her. He sees Rika with a wet shirt front, then makes a glass of sugar water for Rika to fix the hiccups with. Rika’s hiccups stop, and is reminded of Harada.

Yamada has a flashback of when she was talking with Morita, who told her that going to the Harada Design Office will be stupid of her because she’ll cry. He also tells her that if that’s what it takes for her to understand the situation, she ought to go and cry. Yamada begins to cry, then orders huge katsudons for dinner. Mayama and Rika are shocked. When Rika says she only wants a bite of the food, Yamada grabs the rest of it and eats it. She explains she needs to be strong so that she can keep on going, even while seeing Mayama in love with someone else.The episode ends with Yamada walking home and crying and calling Mayama an idiot.


In this episode, we find out about what has happened to the characters since the first season, basically setting the scene for the drama to (hopefully) come. Nothing too surprising or moving happening yet. I do feel sorry for Yamada-san though; I hope Nomiya-san comes home soon ^^. I kind of wonder what the Moritas are planning, accumulating all that money… You could do a lot of shopping with all that =P. On a totally different note, I wonder how Yamada-san can eat so much and be so skinny o.O. The parfait looked really good though ^^.

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