Utawarerumono 2

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Mutikapa comes to the village, destroying a house, killing and eating the occupants. Ai-chan tried to combat the monster however he was unable to damage the beast and ends up being thrown through a wall and onto the ground. Eruru runs over to him trying to help him escape however they’re unable to, and it seems as thought hey’ll be eaten. However is begins to rain and Mutikapa runs away. This gives Ai-chan an idea to defeat the beast.

A village meeting is held and Ai-chan informs the villagers of his plan, He will act as bait and lure Mutikapa into a swamp, which will cause her fur to get wet and make her vurnarable, since it turns out that the reason she was impervious to damage before was her thick fur. But when it becomes wet it’s easy to pierce through. The villagers accept the plan although they are reluctant about letting Ai-chan be the bait, especailly Eruru. However they continue on with the plan, the next day the trap has been set up and Ai-chan heads to Mutikapa’s lair accompanied by Teoro, while the others wait to trigger the trap. Ai-chan and Teoro lure out Mutikapa by beating on the creature’s lair, and after it emerges the two proceed to run for thier lives. They manage to keep a good distance form the creature, that is until it darts off into the forest and attacks them from the side. Ai-chan would have been killed by the attack if it weren’t for the Tessen that Tousukuru had given him before he left. However Ai-chan is able to stop Mutikapa’s jaws with the Tessen and Teoro knocks her away with his axe. After the breif skirmish Ai-chan and Teoro run away once again, and this time they manage to make it to the trap and tell the others to trigger it, and Mutikapa falls into the swamp. After it arises from the water, the villagers attack, and their spears pierce the creature. However it is Ai-chan who delivers the finishing blow.

The villagers hold a celebration in honor of Mutikapa’s death, since even though it treated them poorly a death is a death and it should be honored. And Ai-chan is finally given a name, Hakuoro, the name of Eruru and Aruru’s father. After the naming Aruru shows up with Mutikapa’s baby, the villagers worry about what to do, but Hakuoro says that there is no need to kill the creature. Aruru seems pleased and she also seems to have warmed up to Hakuoro, calling him father.

My Take!

Well that was a nince episode, enough action to satisfy me for a bit. And the developing relationship between Hakuoro(I am so glad he has a name now) and Eruru. And I think I’m seeing possible theme here, of innocence at birth. Meaning nothing is born guilty. Since this episode marks the second time said thing was mentioned, the first time being the first episode concerning Nuwangi. But maybe I’m over analyzing, I guess I’ll find out eventually.

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