Utawarerumono 1

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Alright way behind everyone else in this series, so I guess it’s marathon time, well I got some motivational J-pop playing, so… LET’s GET IT ON!


The anime opens with a rather vague scene with what seems to be a dying demon, however I’m not exactly sure. Well it turns out that it was some sort of nightmare, however the person, An-chan, wakes up and examines his surroundings hazily. However he quickly lays back down seemingly in pain and a girl that was apparently sitting nearby tells him that he should stay down for a while. The girl then introduces herself as Eruru, it seems that she has been taking care of them since she found him unconscious in the woods. The man soon takes notice of the mask on his face and panics again. A few days later Hakuoro is able to walk around, with the support of a cane and Eruru. When in the process of leaving this house with Eruru he notices someone watching him from the shadows, this person turns out to be Eruru’s sister Aruru. However Aruru quickly fades back into the shadows.

While An-chan and Eruru are out on a walk, An-chan notices Eruru’s animal ears and tail. He tries to grab her tail only to have her turn red and push him away. Further on in their walk they run into a man named Teoro, they converse for a while, until Teoro’s wife shows up. She came to drag away Teoro, however she also got into the conversation somewhat, teasing Eruru about her closeness to An-chan. After Teoro and his wife depart An-chan and Eruru rest under a tree. After resting for a while they hear a growl and go to investigate the noise.

The scene opens to what seems to be the town center, as a band of rowdy people riding giant lizards have come to collect taxes. One of them seems to be an old friend of Eruru’s, he introduces himself as Nuwangi and seems to be quite cocky. He asks Eruru to come to the city with him, but she declines and he becomes angry, however An-chan steps in, and… proceeds to make him even more angry. Eventually Nuwangi and the group leave. However Nuwangi is so angry that he destroys a forest shine and ends up angering the god of the forest. However he escapes before he can experiences the creature’s wrath. However this is bad news for the villagers as the creature proceeds to go after them.

My Take!

Well this was interesting I suppose. At least interesting enough to continue watching. The furry thing is sort of odd, but cute in the neko shoujo sort of way. I’m glad I finally got to work on this series. So on to the next one! And by the way, I hope that somone starts kicking butt soon… and by the look of the next episode preview I shant be let down.

Strike a Pose!

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