Woo let’s hop on an old bandwagon

I am the bone of my site
Paragraphs are my body, and words are my blood
I have created over a thousand essays
Unaware of spam
Nor aware of comments
Withstood tedium to create many posts
Waiting for one’s arrival
I have no readers, this is will never change
My whole life is “Unlimited Blog Works”

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Bartender 01

Wow, I have to say I never thought the day would come when I would blog this series… But it seems that for once, boredom has led me to find something… very interesting. Now, this series is a change for me, it’s not a heart wrenching romance, nor is it a pulse pounding action series. It’s an exercise in aesthetics with a warm and simple story at it’s core.

Now one of the first things you

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